Research & Development

We are invested in providing the safest supply of natural and synthetic psychedelics to the international market.

Advancing the Science

Optimi Labs Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Optimi Health Corp.

Optimi Labs has developed an intellectual property (IP) strategy encompassing delivery mechanisms, synthetic compounds, extraction methods, isolation of chemical compounds, new formulations, testing and protocol regimens specific to mushroom-based products and synthetic psychedelic compounds.

To expedite innovation, Optimi Labs works with both academic and strategic development partnerships led by Chief Science Officer, Justin Kirkland.


Our 10,000 sq ft, EU-GMP analytical lab is designed both for research into the company’s proprietary formulations and extraction methods using:

  • improved bio availability and drug delivery formulations.
  • optimized extraction and ingredient isolation.
  • proprietary ingredient combinations and formulations.
  • efficient analytical assays.
  • improved protocols for beneficial patient outcomes.
  • Optimi Labs is also utilized by clients, partners, and approved companies to conduct investigations into molecular discovery with restricted psychedelic compounds.


Lab Focused

  • Filing patents in the areas of extractions and
    formulations with exceedingly efficacious benefits.
  • Optimizing commercial cultivation processes.
  • Optimizing strain development, breeding, quality, and overall yields.
  • Proprietary extraction techniques.
  • Proprietary extraction method could yield a fully active transdermal active product.
  • Medicinal mushroom IP strategic initiatives resulting in the ability to treat unmet needs


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