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In July of 2020, Optimi Farms entered an agreement to lease and build two GMP-capable 10,000 sq ft. purpose-built cultivation and processing facilities in Princeton, BC. These facilities will be used to grow, process, research & develop functional and future mushroom products.

Optimi projected an overall facility budget of $8.2 million to completion. The building shells have been erected and installation of interior processing facilities, including state-of-the-art machinery and processing equipment commenced in January of 2021, with completion anticipated by the end of Q4, 2021.

Facility 1


Focused on growing high demand functional mushroom varieties such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps.

Operational considerations:

  • Rapid path for sales of Canadian grown functional mushrooms.
  • Efficient design configuration & multiple dedicated areas for maximum yield.
  • Integrated environmental controls and cultivation systems (Argus Controls).
  • Multiple climate-controlled rooms allow for a variety of strains and reduces contamination risk (GMP).
  • No extraction mark-up or loss in wholesale margin from co-packers using Optimi functional mushroom growth formulas and methods.

Facility 2


Designed to accommodate either functional mushroom or pharmaceutical grade production (GMP) of functional or psychoactive mushrooms (i.e. containing psilocybin), and is intended to service both large scale medicinal, and potential wellness market opportunities.

Operational considerations:

  • Health Canada research exemption license has been approved and a dealer’s license is pending. This paves the way to pilot cultivation, advanced research and development, control studies, peer review registry and a significant competitive timeline advantage towards pharmaceutical industry applications.
  • Onsite product cultivation, extraction, testing, fulfilment, shipping, distribution, and sales.
  • Opportunity to supply Health Canada certified research programs, clinical trials & academic studies.
  • Pre-existing cannabis connections to Europe, and partnerships established in Canada for medicinal purposes through a contractual agreement with BC Green Pharmaceuticals.
  • Infrastructure in-place to capitalize on the increasing regulatory acceptance of psilocybin.

Deliver best in the world GMP certified production of natural functional and psilocybin fungi varieties.

Lions Mane

Immune Support

Turkey Tail

Immune Support

Used in traditional Chinese Medicine to fortify the spleen


Immune Support


Immune Support


Immune Support

Used in traditional Chinese Medicine to fortify the spleen

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