Benzinga: Optimi Health Signs Two New Supply Agreements In Less Than a Week


Optimi (OPTHF), the Canadian, home-grown mushroom formulations producer has signed not one but two supply deals with different research companies.

The first involves Halucenex Life Sciences Inc. owned by Australian Creso Pharma (CPH). Halucenex’s mission involves researching novel psychedelic compounds, developing and licensing psychedelic compounds for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, as well as conducting clinical trials on the medical benefits of psychedelic medicine.

“This first supply agreement, coming so soon after our first complete cultivation cycle, is a powerful affirmation of our decision to pursue the development of natural, GMP psilocybin,” said Bill Ciprick, CEO of Optimi. That is, the company will provide Creso Pharma’s subsidiary with whole, dried mushroom fruiting bodies corresponding to the first batch of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms cultivated at its Princeton, British Columbia location.

The supplied mushrooms will serve the purpose of developing a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapeutic model for conditions such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder with a safe and consistent supply of GMP psilocybin.

The second agreement brings together Optimi’s natural shrooms with investigations led by Filament Health (FLHLF), a clinical-stage natural psychedelic drug development company.

This one-year term supply will also come from Optimi’s facility at Princeton and will be utilized for potential drug development, testing and analysis by Filament’s research team, with the possibility of placing orders on a case-by-case basis.

As psilocybin continues to be the most actively studied psychedelic in clinical trials across the world, both companies noted that the collaborative deals send a strong message that safety and research are paramount to growing a safe and secure supply of natural psilocybin.

“Filament’s commitment to the development of unique intellectual properties using natural psychedelic medicines, and to the advancement of natural psilocybin in the space as a whole, are well-aligned with our own values and goals for the future of psychedelics,” Optimi’s Ciprick said.

Photo Courtesy of ELG21 on Pixabay.

Source: Benzinga



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